Online Poker is Legal in New and Upcoming States

Online poker players in the United States have a limited number of places where they can play legal poker with actual cash payouts. There will only be six states offering legal online poker by the end of 2021:
• New Jersey
• Pennsylvania
• Nevada
• Delaware
• Michigan
• West Virginia
World Series of Poker, in conjunction with 888 U.S. is the only place that allows players from multiple states to compete online. The number one American Poker Site in terms of traffic, New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware residents can compete with each other.
Party Poker has built a strong customer base in New Jersey and Michigan. PokerStars also offers real-money online poker in Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
BetMGM, the gambling and sports betting king, has expanded its reach from New Jersey to Michigan and now Pennsylvania. BetMGM’s presence in Pennsylvania, with its vast experience and user base within the gambling industry, is an option we strongly support.
Pennsylvania began its journey to legalize online gambling in 2017. In 2017, the state passed legislation allowing online poker as well as online gambling. Since 2017, however, outside threats have increased after the Department of Justice reevaluated its opinions about the Wire Act’s ability.
Delaware State legalized online poker and other casino games first in 2012, a year before the rest of the world.
Nevada quickly followed suit as Las Vegas was the gambling capital in America. It came as no surprise that the state legalized online poker in 2013. New Jersey, which was the third state in the U.S. to legalize online gambling in 2013, followed in Nevada’s footsteps. Atlantic City issued licenses allowing online poker.
In 2014, the legal proceedings and regulations for three U.S. States (Delaware New Jersey & Nevada), where players can play poker online for real money, were finalized.
홀덤 is now the fifth U.S. State to legalize online poker. West Virginia began its quest to regulate online games and poker under the West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act. It didn’t start until 2021, along with Michigan – a new player in the market.
Michigan started its push for legal online poker and gaming in 2019, but it couldn’t go live till this year.
Which state offers the best legal online poker? All of the states listed above offer and supply well-recognized software to their customers. It’s not about who is the best but rather where you can play online poker within a country with such limited options.
The current law does not allow online poker in any other U.S. state except for Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. This trend is not expected to continue for long. California, Illinois New York and Massachusetts are among the states that have legalized online poker.
The government regulations and restrictions have forced online poker companies to leave the U.S. but it hasn’t stopped American residents from playing online poker. The offshore gaming sites and bookmakers welcomed the American custom, making the U.S. law pointless and embarrassing. Wire Act (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act), and UIGEA have not done anything. They still prevent an extraordinary economic boom in the states concerned because players who are banned from participating in gambling activities use loopholes, such as offshore platforms.
Residents are not punished for playing online poker on offshore sites or making deposits. The gambling industry, which generates significant tax revenue and supports the economy in multiple ways, has been punished by the laws. Alternative perspective: the government punished itself by enacting unnecessary laws, and showing a certain degree of incompetence.
Good news! A new generation of gambling is now available in the United States of America. Online poker has become more accessible and gambling restrictions will disappear soon. Here you can see a real-time approximation to what happens in poker.

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